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Texas Safe Ballot Drop Off Option

Proposed by Elliott Scheirman, Candidate for US Congress, TX District 2


BACKGROUND: This election will be the first time voters will not be able to vote straight party and the amount of time they will be in the voting station and the voting line will be significantly longer than previous years. As our hospital beds continue to fill in Houston due to the high number of exposed individuals to COVID-19, I believe this is something we must do to protect our voters and our volunteers at the voting locations.


REQUEST: Emergency Texas Legislative Session Vote for The Texas Safe Ballot Drop Off Option


Ballot Pick Up:

  • Option 1: Physical Locations:  Approved Government Locations and Substations

Substations: Texas has already approved substations such as HEB and Kroger to operate in an official capacity to renew vehicle registrations, I propose we utilize the system in place to allow voters to show ID and print the unique ballot for their address to take home to fill out.  

  • Option 2: Request By Mail: Receive ballot by mail (Completed ballot must be returned with an approved ID in person at a voting location - see below) 
  • Dates: Starting September 19, 2020 (One month prior to early voting) - Ending November 2, 2020 (Day BEFORE Election Day)


Ballot Drop Off: 

  • Locations: Official Voting Stations (ID Required) 
  • Dates: Early Voting October 19, 2020 - October 30, 2020 or Regular Voting November 3, 2020  
  • Drop Off Method:
    • Option 1: Offer a Drive Up / Drop Off Ballot Area - ID is required 
    • Option 2: Offer a Separate Ballot Drop Off Area   - ID is required


Call to Action for Texan Voters

Call to Action: Please take a moment out of your day to contact your state reps ( to call an emergency legislative session for consideration of the Texas Safe Ballot Drop Off Option for the 2020 election. 

Key talking points when emailing or calling your state reps:

  • This is a nonpartisan proposal.
  • Voting will take longer than usual this year since straight party ticket voting went away and due to repeated cleaning of the voter booths, exposing people to a greater risk of spreading the virus.
  • The spike in Texas COVID-19 infections this summer means we should be more careful.
  • The proposal ensures that voter fraud is not possible.



Elliott Scheirman, MBA
Candidate for US Congress, TX District 2

Download the PDF: Texas_Safe_Voter_Ballot_Drop_Off_Proposal_by_Elliott_Scheirman.pdf

How it works:


*Updated 7/3/2020 to include allowance to mail voters their ballot to drop off at a approved station.

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